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How small changes increased clickthrough by 40%+

Would you like an increase of 40% in shopping cart conversions?

Which e-commerce basket start page persuaded 40%+ more people to carry on with the checkout process during this Which Test Won test?

Shopping cart abandonment rates are a continual headache for web based shops and consistently run at about the 60% mark.

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The problem with Google’s personalised search

Happy to be in the top 10 of Google search!

Have you ever searched for your own company’s main keyword and are quite happy to see your site appear in the top 5 or on first page?

Have you ever repeated the search on another computer and been surprised not to see it at all?

Have you consistently seen your site in the top 10 results but not seen the expected increase in visitors higher rankings can achieve?

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Google Adwords Search Funnels

Google announces new paid search reporting facilities but there are concerns

On March 26 Google, in their Inside Adwords blog announced the introduction (beta) of Search Funnels.

Search Funnels introduce a new level of reporting which show, among other data, the ad click and impression behavior that relates to and contributes to the process leading to a final conversion.

Although a welcome addition for PPC paid search marketing the announcement has raised a few concerns from industry professionals as it involves the sharing of conversion data.

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The writing on the wall for traditional advertising

UK Internet/Digital Advertising shows another year of growth

Online/digital advertising expenditure in UK showed a 4.2% increase to £3.5 billion in 2009 bucking the trend seen in other areas of the advertising industry.

Search advertising exceeded £2 billion with video ads showing the greatest growth. The figures for online grew during 2009 despite an overall decline in the total UK advertising spend.

Is this the death knell for traditional advertising?

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Adwords Quality Score (QS) and Landing pages

What impact does your landing page really have on your PPC campaign

Good landing pages are ones that convert and are highly important to the success of every paid search, PPC campaign.

If your landing page doesn’t match up with your ad copy or the expectation it promised, visitors will become just another bounce statistic and the cost and effort of getting them to click on your ad will be wasted.

But how do landing pages impact on quality score?

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Eye Tracking for Everyone

Eye tracking now available for all web sites

Testing web site useability has always been a valuable exercise to undertake but in the past has always been prohibitively expensive.

As such eye tracking analysis was only really available to the larger online business owner as it involved sophisticated tracking devices and the availability of test subjects similar to those being targeted as potential customers to get a actionable set of data to implement.

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