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Multi Channel Reports Explained

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Back in August 2011 posted Multi Channel Funnel reports in Google Analytics about the introduction of the new features and the possibilities they offered. Sometimes, particularly for site owners not steeped in analytics, they might not be as simple or easy to understand as they might be when clicking on the option for the first time. Mulit-channel funnel … Continue reading

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Groupon and other Daily Deals–Are they worth it?

Yes & No! Sitting on the fence, not really! It depends if you are on the receiving end or giving end. If you are a consumer you probably love deal-of-the-day (DOD) sites but if you are a retailer you may not be as delighted! As a consumer you will obviously find daily deal sites valuable but businesses are divided on … Continue reading

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Google: Quality Score – how to improve it!

Quality Score is not a fixed measurement The QS (quality score) shown in your Adwords account is an indicative measure and not an absolute but is an indication of how well Google thinks you’re doing. It is calculated, in real-time, each time a searcher enters a search query and used in the decision if your ad will be shown, what … Continue reading

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The 10 important elements for landing page design

What are 10 important elements for website landing page design Not every page a visitor arrives at is the home page (and it’s the one you have probably spent most time getting right). Organic search results could send a possible customer to a page deeper into your website (a page that may not be as highly optimised, focused or targeted). … Continue reading

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Is Yellow Pages still good value?

Yellow Pages Local Advertising – Is it worth it?

Just received, this morning, new edition of our local Yellow Pages covering the Edinburgh postcode area which includes Central Borders and Livingston areas.

If you have received your own you will have noticed that it is advertised on the front cover as New look, New content, New handy size.

It is indeed a new size and if handy means smaller, it is about a third smaller in page size, then yes ‘new handy size’.

Not sure about the new look as it looks very much like the old one although a new Local pages section has been added at the beginning but that looks about it!

As far as new content is concerned, checking a randomly opened Floor Cleaning & Treatment category there were 4 display ads in old directory but only 3 in the new one (25% less).

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SEO – There’s more to it than ‘set it and forget it’!

Common misunderstandings about search engine optimization

It’s still surprising how many new website owners still believe that all that is needed is to register a domain name, host space, setup a site either themselves or use an outside agency, add their preferred keywords to the meta keywords tag, submit it to Google and then sit back and wait on visitors and leads to pour in.

There might have been a time when that just may have worked but not today with the volume of new sites launched and literally millions of new pages, if not more, published everyday.

The competition for first page ranking in Google is fierce and unrelenting. But not impossible!

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