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7 Simple Tips to Make your Blog Content Spread

Blog for more visitors

So, why should you blog? Being in the web design and optimisation business, my first question when meeting a new potential client is “Why do you want a website”? The answers can be wide and varied but many are very similar to “Well, you need one these days, don’t you”, “Everyone else has one”, “We need to be on the … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing Edinburgh

It’s still marketing, Jim, but not as we know it… The Internet turned Marketing up-side-down! The Internet has changed the marketing landscape or more accurately, business and consumer shoppers, have changed it and turned internet marketing up-side-down! Regardless of where you are located, in Edinburgh or anywhere else for that matter, how marketing is done will never be the same … Continue reading

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The Missed Value of Long Tail SEO

Why target the Long Tail! The simple answer is there is whole lot of hidden value in your long-tail search results. Probably more than you think! What is Long Tail SEO? As site owners we would all like to get all the visitors needed to be successful using the most obviously related keywords relating to our business, products and services. … Continue reading

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The Mobile web is here and it’s not going away

Mobile browsing is growing but will it make a big impact on ecommerce? There is no doubt that mobile devices are being used to browse the internet more and more. But the jury is still out, as far as I’m concerned, when it’s stated that mobile, in the form of smartphones, will overtake desktop or tablets where ecommerce is concerned! … Continue reading

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Social Media research confirms marketing/ consumer conflict

Social Media lessons have yet to be learned, it seems! Recent research conducted by Pitney Bowes Software of adult internet users and marketing decision-makers in the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia, and reported in eMarketer, has confirmed what has been a recurring theme relating to the almost frenetic uptake of and activity undertaken by brands across the Social Media … Continue reading

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3Rs and 2Qs of Local Reviews and Reputation

Online Reputation Management

The importance of Local Reviews on Your Reputation and impact on your business A recent blog post on Convince&Convert painted a picture of a seemingly successful small business providing good service and many happy clients, but… They find that leads are drying up and new business enquiry calls fewer and fewer and no apparent reason they can see! The reason, it … Continue reading

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