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Google Glass – the future or what?

Google Glass

Augmented Reality or Replacement The Google product director, Steve Lee, says it brings communication closer to our senses and helps get it out of the way when it’s not needed! Hailed as a breakthrough it is scheduled for general release this year for everyone. You and I will be able to interact where, when and why we want to. That’s … Continue reading

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Is Google’s Panda just ‘at it’ or doing its best to make search better?

Google's Breeding Pandas!

Google’s Pandas can’t stop breeding! In the last two weeks there has been four updates to Google’s search algorithm. The most recent four are (in date introduced): Panda algorithm update (September 27th): This was a fairly large update which is designed to target low-quality, spun content and primarily content farms Exact Match Domain (EMD) update (September 28th): To reduce the … Continue reading

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Is Google+ catching up?

No Google+ business page yet? Maybe time to think about it! Social media is sometimes over-hyped and too much influence given to it, by what appears to be an increasing number of experts and gurus, some of whom just jump on any passing new bandwagon, and start to lay down untested and unverified rules of engagement! However, Social Media is … Continue reading

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Multi Channel Reports Explained

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Back in August 2011 posted Multi Channel Funnel reports in Google Analytics about the introduction of the new features and the possibilities they offered. Sometimes, particularly for site owners not steeped in analytics, they might not be as simple or easy to understand as they might be when clicking on the option for the first time. Mulit-channel funnel … Continue reading

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In 2012 will Google change the way we market on internet?

Is Google becoming the competition? Brian Whalley, search marketer at HubSpot published a blog post on the HBR (Harvard Business School) Blog Network, entitled Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012, forecasting some of the things Google is doing that will impact on search marketing in 2012 and beyond. He highlighted three areas that will contribute to the changes outlined. … Continue reading

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Search engine optimization–some common misunderstandings

Common misunderstandings about search engine optimization It’s still surprising how many new website owners still believe that all that is needed is to register a domain name, host space, setup a site either themselves or use an outside agency, add their preferred keywords to the meta keywords tag, submit it to Google and then sit back and wait on visitors … Continue reading

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