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SEO – The shifting sands of optimisation

SearchMetrics Ranking Factors

What’s important for Search now! Nothing in life is static! And, SEO (search engine optimisation) is not exempt so why do we expect it not to change and continually complain when it does? SEO Ranking Factors – how they correlate to search visibility Search engines use algorithms to evaluate websites by topic and for relevance to the term searched and … Continue reading

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As Mobile becomes more important so too does the Responsive Experience!

Increasing sales

It’s the user experience that counts towards profits not the medium Arguments about whether companies should design for mobile first or should employ responsive design techniques miss the point. It’s not the device, or the platform, but the experience that matters. Those businesses that fail to realize this will struggle to deliver great customer experiences Inst… Link: Think Beyond Responsive … Continue reading

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Ecommerce conversion dependent on more than just the title!

Ecommerce title tag

The importance of title tags for ecommerce conversion rate A recent blog post on Search Engine Watch entitled Ecommerce Title Tags: Top 5 Ways to Increase Clicks emphasised the importance of the ecommerce title tag for increasing click-through rate & ecommerce conversions in addition to having primary importance for SEO. I wholeheartedly agree that the title attribute is the most … Continue reading

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That’s how the Cookie crumbles in European Union

Is EU Cookie Law in Disarray? The EU e-privacy directive came into law last year, 25 May 2011, but in the UK it was deferred for 12 months to give site owners the opportunity to comply with the legislation: Can I have a cookie, please?. Hypocrisy appears to reign in European Union! What’s new I heard some murmur. Very little … Continue reading

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Border Checks Row–Example of Google’s new freshness update!

The Freshness Update – Google’s newest algorithm change Google continues, in its opinion, to improve it search algorithm on the basis of providing the best and most relevant content to its customers, the general search public. In most instances they are small and incremental improvements that no-one particularly gets excited about but its recent updates, Panda earlier in the year … Continue reading

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Understanding Google’s Search Algorithm

Understanding the mind of the search giant SEO’s continually fret over exactly what it is that Google values and what it builds into its algorithm to measure that value. Google drip-feeds snippets of information through folks like Matt Cutts, Google’s Spam Czar, and we are then often able to extract and extrapolate some of the important factors affecting our’s and … Continue reading

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