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Analytics shows you the keywords used to find your site, how your visitors explore it and how you can enhance and improve their experience. And, profit from it!

Google Analytics–More new features

More Google Analytics updates/improvements Google continues to try and improve and make more relevant all its offerings whether that is search based or in this case relating to its free Google Analytics. With all the Panda updates that have gone on this year alone it is sometimes difficult for many site owners to understand the real impact these may have … Continue reading

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Google rolling out new version 5 of Analytics

Google Analytics v5 rollout with new features Google has been rolling out and informing Analytics users that the new version of Google Analytics will soon be activated in their accounts as they move towards withdrawing the old version completely by early 2012. The new version has a completely redesigned interface that, Google says, makes it even easier to explore your … Continue reading

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Multi Channel Funnel reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Multi channel reports are now live The long awaited and much needed multi channel reporting facility is now available when using the new version of Google Analytics. Marketers will now be able to see and attribute value to the different channels which contribute to a customer conversion. When a customer makes a sale or completes some other conversion action … Continue reading

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Can I have a Cookie, please? Maybe, but not for 12 months say ICO!

New Laws for the use of cookies that store online user information May 26th 2011 marks the date when new rules, the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, governing the use of cookies by websites comes into force in the UK and across Europe. (See BBC video below for an overview.) For those who can remember the Cookie Bear in … Continue reading

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Google: Insights on search algorithm

Google gives some insights on search results Much has been said and written about the recent Panda/Farmer update and the effect it has had, could have, might have but like most things relating to Google’s search algorithm we don’t have the full story about its inner workings. Content is still King Amit Singhal, Google Fellow said on Google Webmaster Central … Continue reading

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Is Google Instant affecting your search results?

How is Google Instant performing? Most site owners and a good many searchers will be aware of the changes to the way search results are displayed since Google Instant was launched a few months ago. It is possible to disable google instant search (it defaults to on) but how many searchers will either know or realise they can. It may … Continue reading

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