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Panda is a year old – were you affected?

Panda – a year on! The Panda updates have been a regularly commented on feature of search in the last 12 months since it burst onto the scene last year. Much has been said, criticised from some quarters and some horror stories reported. In all, however, there is a general consensus that it has improved the overall quality of search … Continue reading

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Pinterest – is it a useful business tool?

Pinterest! Is it useful for business? With the amount of ‘talk’, blogs, tweets, posts etc about the newest social media platform, Pinterest, it is difficult to ignore so… A few weeks ago requested an invite (still by invitation although you can just request one) and was given access a couple of days later. Setup profile under business name ( and created/changed the … Continue reading

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The State of Inbound Marketing – Hubspot Report & Webinar

Inbound Marketing in 2012 Hubspot is an acknowledged and leading supplier of inbound marketing automation and marketing software. They are often seen to lead the way in driving the concept that has turned marketing on its head. Inbound Marketing v. Outbound Marketing Traditional or Outbound marketing is predominently broadcast and interruption based seeking to attract the attention of the passer-by … Continue reading

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What should site bounce rate be?

What is your sites bounce rate? “Are you using any website analytics?” is not a question that you generally need to ask a new or potential client as it is easy enough to find out for yourself but it’s surprising just how many sites don’t! Even if Google Analytics is installed, asking, “What is your site’s bounce rate“, although a fairly … Continue reading

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