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The Psychology Drivers of Ecommerce [Infographic]

The psychological drivers that influences Ecommerce buying decisions Analysis of psychological drivers influencing online buying behaviour and decisions. Identifying and knowing what factors are important in the buying cycle and those that can have a positive influence is critical in smoothing the passage of potential buyers through your sales funnel. It’s important to remember that not all decisions are made … Continue reading

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In 2012 will Google change the way we market on internet?

Is Google becoming the competition? Brian Whalley, search marketer at HubSpot published a blog post on the HBR (Harvard Business School) Blog Network, entitled Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012, forecasting some of the things Google is doing that will impact on search marketing in 2012 and beyond. He highlighted three areas that will contribute to the changes outlined. … Continue reading

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Search engine optimization–some common misunderstandings

Common misunderstandings about search engine optimization It’s still surprising how many new website owners still believe that all that is needed is to register a domain name, host space, setup a site either themselves or use an outside agency, add their preferred keywords to the meta keywords tag, submit it to Google and then sit back and wait on visitors … Continue reading

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Santa Claus–Master Marketer

What Santa Knows About Marketing – And You Should Too Received this article in a newsletter a couple of years ago from Charlie Cook of It might be a few years old now but still topical, practical and good advice for just about any marketing activity so thought would share it again! Regardless of the economic climate Santa always … Continue reading

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Yellow Pages continues to decline

Yellow Pages – Even less walking for your fingers! Last year, almost to the day, received my new copy of Yellow Pages for our local area. The new one just popped through the door (there was a time when it couldn’t fit through the letterbox). Posted last year entitled Is Yellow Pages still Good Value on it’s new format and … Continue reading

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Google Analytics–More new features

More Google Analytics updates/improvements Google continues to try and improve and make more relevant all its offerings whether that is search based or in this case relating to its free Google Analytics. With all the Panda updates that have gone on this year alone it is sometimes difficult for many site owners to understand the real impact these may have … Continue reading

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