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Google: Just had a personal call from Big G!

Google is not just an algorithm! In general when we think about Google it is in terms of their size, their global dominance in search and the effects that changes to their algorithm, as we have seen recently, can impact on some major players in the digital world with what can be devastating consequences. But Google does have a human … Continue reading

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Facebook: New pages – size does matter!

Some limitations of the new Facebook pages format The layout and format of the recently launched or as some might see it, imposed, has generally been acknowledged as an improvement in overcoming some of the shortcomings of the previous FBML standard. The improvements are on two levels 1) the operational level and 2) the coding level. The operational benefits of … Continue reading

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Facebook: The young don’t want to be a friend of your brand!

The younger generation know what they want from social media …and it’s not good news for big brands Although almost three-quarters of 12-17 year olds use social networks to talk about items and products with friends and often make recommendations, almost half of them don’t feel brands should even have a presence on social media sites or be using social … Continue reading

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Google: ‘Farmer’/Panda Update

Google the farmer attempts to address the problem of crappy content! It’s long been a bone of contention for legitimate search marketers that the search engine results pages (serps) are often cluttered with what appears to be links to sites which are mainly link, comparison or content farms rather than links to individual sites with real content relating to the … Continue reading

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Website fonts can make that little extra difference

New web fonts supported by Google Web designers have always been restricted, in comparison with print media and other mediums, by the limitation imposed by the availability of the every day fonts available to non digital design. There has only been a few serif and san-serif fonts supported limited by those resident on a users machine rather than the browser. … Continue reading

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