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Google: Display Advertising theory

Google outlines the theory of display advertising using ideas taken from science Google’s Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management, confirmed their long-term future will be based on display advertising and over the last 6-9 months have outlined their vision. In a blog post last September, he and Barry Salzman, Managing Director of Media & Platforms, stated, “We think that … Continue reading

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Facebook: New Business Pages

Facebook announce new business pages As a Facebook business page user you might have received yesterday, notification of changes to the the way that you will be able to interact with your business page:- Facebook pages are getting an updated layout and several new features to help you engage with your fans. Here’s some of what you’ll be getting: Notifications … Continue reading

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Have you done a WeWe recently?

I’m talking about your customer focus, nothing else, honest! When somebody asks US what it is WE do, at least most of US with a business to run, customers to find, leads to follow up and a host of other concerns, like most people WE  are quite able to rattle on about all the things WE think are important to US … Continue reading

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Facebook: Groups vs. Pages

A page is better for your business Another question, yesterday, from a business acquaintance, who had setup a Group and was using it in a business context, asked if that was the best option or whether a Facebook Page was a better way to go. In a very few cases it may make sense to create a Facebook group, however, in … Continue reading

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Meta tags-what are they?

Are Meta tags important? Was asked by a contact only today, “What is a meta tag and how does one get one on my blog.” It’s easy to forget that there are new, inexperienced users, bloggers and website owners who are just starting to get to grips with the terms and often, jargon-laden, advice and information in our industry so… … Continue reading

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