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Facebook to charge, but who–is it just a rumour?

Does Facebook need to monetize the platform? All the evidence is that Facebook won’t start charging to set up an account but… LinkedIn offers users an upgraded version with additional facilities on a subscription basis other services offer similar options Since the introduction of advertising and recent Instant personalisation and the apparent drive to monetize the platform we may see … Continue reading

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Confession: I quite like Spam!

Some spam is actually quite tasty At least, the spam that comes in a tin and for me between two slices of toast. However, as we all know it is a growing problem. But it is not only email! But, Google launches new algorithm to combat it Spam is a continually evolving threat that extends beyond the commonly received rubbish … Continue reading

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Amazon just keeps Kindling Along

Amazon continues to go from strength to strength Amazon has just notched up its first $10bn quarter largely on the back of its Kindle, selling more e-books than paperbacks. Although sales of paperbacks also increased Amazon is selling 15% more of its Kindle e-book format than paperbacks. Jeff Bezos, chief executive of said: “We achieved two big milestones. We … Continue reading

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Facebook: Instant personalisation

The Web is better with friends – so Facebook wants us to believe Facebook is rolling out a new option termed Instant personalisation which will display your friends likes, opinions and general posts on their partner sites. (The above links to a Facebook video introduction to the new service.) These partner sites (currently limited to Bing, TripAdvisor, Clicker, Rotten Tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Google Places Local Search: 6 things you need to do

The importance of Local Search is growing There are billions of searches every day. In the US alone there are well over 10 billion unique searches done each month and growing. Of those searches:- 40% of queries have local intent (and growing) 5% use the town/city and/or county name 2% use informal local terms 0.5% even use postcodes Figures for … Continue reading

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Facebook would Like to make more from ads

Facebook to monetise your “Likes” Facebook is considering providing advertisers with a new way to advertise and promote their brand. When a user “likes” a brand they will have the opportunity of buying an ad unit that will show up on the right-hand side under the heading of “sponsored stories.” This will give the brand-related action increased visibility on Facebook … Continue reading

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