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Google: Reading Level Search

Can Reading Level Search affect SEO?

On 14 December, on Google for Students blog, Google announced a new feature Reading Level search.

Found under Advanced Search it enables returned search results to be filtered by reading level of the page content.

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Will you buy into Google Chrome OS?

Google Chrome – the operating system of the future?

Due to the widespread coverage of the Wikileaks fiasco you might not have noticed the launch by Google of its Chrome OS.

It was broadcast live on YouTube lasting 2+ hours during which new features for the browser and background to Chrome OS were outlined.

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Is Yellow Pages still good value?

Yellow Pages Local Advertising – Is it worth it?

Just received, this morning, new edition of our local Yellow Pages covering the Edinburgh postcode area which includes Central Borders and Livingston areas.

If you have received your own you will have noticed that it is advertised on the front cover as New look, New content, New handy size.

It is indeed a new size and if handy means smaller, it is about a third smaller in page size, then yes ‘new handy size’.

Not sure about the new look as it looks very much like the old one although a new Local pages section has been added at the beginning but that looks about it!

As far as new content is concerned, checking a randomly opened Floor Cleaning & Treatment category there were 4 display ads in old directory but only 3 in the new one (25% less).

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Not all Url Shortening Services are Equal

Choose the best for your SEO activities

When using any of these services you have to be careful which service to use as they all don’t use a 301 direct and it is important from an Search Engine Optimisation perspective.

For those not fully aware what redirects are or do then a brief overview will help explain. There are different types of redirects and various ways they can be implemented.

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It’s official, Twitter & Facebook links do matter!

Google and Bing come clean on Social Media (SM)

It has long been thought that with the addition of social media features and search options from both Google and Bing that social activity, Tweets and FB posts and commenting were being used, to some extent, in both of their search algoriths. But, until now that was all it was.

However, from a series of questions asked by Danny Sullivan of SEL (Search Engine Land), both have come clean and admitted they are using them in different ways to varying degrees.

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