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Price less important than security for UK ecommerce users

Reputation not Price!

Of those surveyed only 26% said price was most important factor.

28% of more than 1,300 online users surveyed by Webcredible said that, despite the recession, reputation of the retailer was more than price when buying online mainly because of security fears.

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Google Analytics – Tracking email campaigns

Track email campaigns with Google Analytics

If you are not tracking the success of your email campaigns then you are missing a huge opportunity.

Assuming that you do have Google Analytics installed (if you don’t then do it now!) you can measure the interest different offers have on your email recipients.

By tagging links in your email campaigns Google Analytics can segment the clicks each link gets and you are able to monitor the conversion rate and success of each.

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Mistakes you can make with Google Adwords

11 Ways to waste Money with Adwords

11 of the most common ways that can waste lots of money with Adwords advertising and reduce the effectiveness of your ad budget. They are not in any rank or order but the more important tend to be closer to the top!

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7 Features of Google Analytics If You’re Not Using You Should Be!

How many web sites, once built, are almost abandoned?

What do I mean?

How many web site owners ignore the potential to communicate effectively with their visitors and Potential Customers.

Every visitor, well, almost every visitor, is a potential customer. Why would they have taken the trouble to search you out or click on your search result in Google or any of the search engines?

  • Do you know what they were looking for?
  • Do you know if they found it?
  • Do you know what search engine they used?
  • Do you know what they did on your web site to try and find it?
  • Do you know what actual keyword or phrase they used to find your site?
  • Do you know what pages/content they read?
  • Do you know what pages or content they find of most interest?
  • Do you know how long they stayed or how many pages they looked at?
  • Do you know if they ever come back?

If you answer no to any of the above then you’ve abandoned your site, albeit unintentionally.

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The power of an evocative message

Copywriting for conversion – small change, BIG effect!

We know that little things can make a big difference. Changes to a headline or other piece of copy can make or break an ad or the effectiveness of a landing page or indeed any web page.

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Amazon’s success through testing

Amazon – Progessive and incremental changes for higher conversion

Amazon 1995

If you’ve been on recently you will have noticed they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. How many can remember what Amazon’s site looked like 10 years ago?

I can’t remember either but I know it looked nothing like it does today!

Amazon UK’s big brother is three years older being launched in 1995 and this is what it looked like when it first arrived on the scene (on the right):-

Amazon re-design or Evolution?

Today is looks a lot different (below) and looks like it’s gone through some major re-design since first being launched when it just sold books.

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